Few words from our Customers

What They Said -

HONMA are light clubs. Maybe especially crafted for petite Japanese ladies! They are very suitable clubs for lady golfers.
They have given me longer drives with better accuracy. I have already dropped a couple of strokes off my handicap. If you have the money then you must splurge on it. After all, everyone wants to buy the best!
- Mrs Neelam Rudy

'Excellence on all levels. The comprehensive fitting process with both Sumanth here in Hyderabad and Bamby in Bangalore with Trackman helped me zero in and gave me the confidence that I was getting the best possible fit for my game. The soft feel of Honma forged irons is unmatched.
- Mr Arjun

I just played a round of 85 at JP Greens,Greater Noida. This followed rounds of 85 at DGC, and 82 and 84 at Classic. It may be time to revise my handicap from 18 to 14. I have started going to the Gym more regularly and have also started going for Yoga classes. But I think my lower scores may rather have more to do with the Honma clubs I recently started playing with.
My accuracy with the driver has improved so much that my friends call my drives boring,as they invariably land up in the middle of the fairway.My problem with the irons is that now I hit them longer rather than ending up short as in the past. I am still playing with Titleist balls but plan to shift to Honma balls soon. I am really enjoying playing with the Honma equipment.
- Mr Ravi Nath

'Thank you very much to Rustam at Honma for spending time to fit me with a driver. The first time I used the driver I shot -17 to win the tournament and set a record for lowest ever score on the Indian Tour. The driver feels amazing, it's has given me 25 yards extra distance and it's the straightest driver I have ever hit. Can't wait for my 4 Star personalised driver to arrive. Thank you to everyone at Honma India.!
- Mr Kiran Matharu

Playing with a Honma is quite an experience: notwithstanding the additional distance and trajectory control, the soft feel at the point of impact underscores the remarkable shaft technology. The only downside, though, is the increased expectation of your partners!
- Mr Jasjiv

I don't think I need to specially endorse Honma as the whole world has already done so. However for the record sake I have to say that as one of the few privileged owners the whole experience of owning and playing with Honma clubs is an out of the world experience. Thank u for making me buy and I thank myself for agreeing to buy.
- Mr Kasu Rajgopal Reddy

My Coach Bamby Randhawa asked me to try a variety of Honma Drivers at one of my coaching lessons at Touché. I was amazed at the difference the Honma drivers made in terms of distance and direction. I also found these drivers were extremely forgiving and bad shots were playable as the ball did not end up as an extreme hook or a pull shot. My Coach used a software that helped determine which Honma driver suited me best.

I am extremely happy with the Honma driver and will get the other Honma woods and irons soon. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Honma clubs to all gofers. These clubs will make playing golf a delight.
-Mr Mahesh Shah

IS-03 which the company claims as the strongest irons in Honma's history lives upto it's claims. Higher trajectory with improved distance combined with consistent ball flight makes it worth the buy. I have gained 15 to 18 yards on my driver shots (TW 717) with ease . The ARMRQ8 shaft helps in keeping the ball more in line. These hand crafted clubs are definitely a class apart.
- Priya Alex

I have had a lot of people recommend I play Honma golf clubs, but I was reluctant to change my clubs as I felt I was playing great golf. Then, one day my coach Bamby Randhawa requested me to try the Honma Golf Clubs out on the range and it took me all of 2 swings to know that I couldn't play with any other set of clubs! Today my handicap has dropped by 3 whole shots, I have gained 15 - 25 yards with every club and I'm hitting it straighter than I've ever hit it! Changing to Honma has been my greatest golf decision and I am a proud owner of Honma S-03 series and would recommend to every golfer out there to at least give them a try....your golf game will never be the same! It's simply beyond any golf equipment money can buy!
- Raghu Varma

The hottest clubs going! They play extremely well. My game has improved substantially. I especially love the Putter!
- Geetanjali Kirloskar

The most impressive clubs that I have ever played with. Not only has it added yardage to my shots, its given me great accuracy as well. I have dropped 4 strokes of my handicap in 3 months… Thank you Honma Golf !!
- K.C. Raju

Honma is the best set of golf clubs I have played with in my over 20 plus years as a golfer. The accuracy of the irons has made it easier for me to attack pins and play golf more aggressively. The fact that Honma has a wide range of custom fitting options made me extremely comfortable while choosing to play the clubs as I received far more accurate specifications for my swing than in the past. I highly recommend Honma golf equipment as a great investment for any golfer who is serious about improving their game!!
- Jai Singh Gill

The Honma clubs are really a pleasure to use/play with.The feel when you hit the ball is amazing.The lighter shafts allow you to swing with better rhythm and with increased swing speed.They definitely improve accuracy and give you added distance as well.In a lighter vein,using these clubs as against other clubs is akin to the difference between driving a Maruti and a BMW.

I saw today on the Golf Channel that Honma was co-sponsoring some PGA tournament.It went by quickly,but I was sure I saw Honma,Sakata.Many people are not aware of the Honma brand.You don't find any reference in the golf magazines,and it is not available even on Golfsmith or other golf outlets.Obviously the cost is a deterrent.However,what people don't realise is that the Pro's play with shafts that cost considerably more than the clubs that are generally advertised.The appearance on golf channel will surely give the brand widespread publicity.!!