Perfect Switch


Non-Rotating System succeeded in fixing the shaft rotation from angle adjustments at 0°. The same swing feel even after angle adjustment because the shaft is fixed at a position for best performance.
With this free angle adjustments system,you have more power.


The latest technology in Golf

High trajectory,shallow back head ‘460’.This driver gives better options for feel and thrill. Perfect Switch Driver creates a new world for amazing shots.

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Fairway Wood

Infinite Adjustability

All Fairway woods were designed to be more compact in response to the swing needs of highly skilled golfers. The design of the fairway wood heads were made in such a way as to maintain a uniform feel through impact. This was done by bringing the shaft axis near the center of gravity. Gravity angle was designed to control grip issues and improve control by shorter gravity distance. Furthermore, all Fairway woods were designed with low gravity, which gives a softer lift to the ball to target the green with more ease.

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Perfect Adjustability

Perfect Switch Utility was created using the same design concept as the Fairway Wood - uniform feel through impact from any utility club. Higher Trajectory will result in more accurate shot making because the precision in angle design is higher.

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