Trial hitting is immediately offered at the exact place of your choosing.

Each head and shaft of the golf club of HONMA and a BERES driver are combined freely in the shop, and DEMO is possible in the spot.
You choose the combination of liking from the inside, and I order-manufacture-do.
Furthermore, you can also choose the color of a head and a shaft in liking.

Color simulator

The Beres driver to try on only 1 minute is selected

A combination of head and shaft with joint Lyall

A head shaft can be chosen freely

Head selection

  1. * Prior reservation is needed when you try the driver for the lefts.Please ask HONMA SHOP for details.
  2. * The fairway wood can choose a head color and a shaft color.
  3. * Only a shaft color can choose an iron.

Shaft selection

  • ARMRQ8 62
  • ARMRQ8 54
  • ARMRQ8 49
  • ARMRQ8 45
  • ARMRQ8 40

How to order your own club

  1. STEP01
    Customer counseling
    A visitor's driver counseling check present in use, a visitor's play style, etc. are checked.
  2. STEP01
    Please choose a driver
    The optimal driver for a visitor is chosen from the result of counseling from the inside of basic specifications.
  3. STEP01
    Data measurement
    An RBI seal and a hit ball analysis machine are used, and it is data measurement.
    * There is a store which does not have a system of analysis machine and a golf fiting room in part.
  4. STEP01
    Please choose spec
    A head and a shaft are selected thinking a visitor's feeling as important.
  5. STEP01
    Please choose color
    A head shaft is chosen from color variations.
  6. STEP01
    It manufactures at the Sakata factory
    It manufactures after an order receptionist at the Sakata factory.
  • * This system is available for more than 3S order.

100 kinds of color choices!

The driver selected by the BERES selection order system can also be further coordinated in your favorite color.
Please choose a combination of 10 colors of a head and a shaft each extraordinarily favorite out of color lineup.

■Head color selection
List of head collar
■ Shaft color selection
List Shaft Collars
Color simulator